Water Softeners For Your Home in Jacksonville FL

Safe Drinking WaterMany homes in Jacksonville FL are burdened by hard water from their faucets. The minerals present in this water can cause a build-up of calcium or magnesium along the entire length of plumbing, in appliances, and hot water heaters. Over time, this collection of mineral deposits can damage pipes and fittings forcing you to hand over large amounts of money to get it repaired. The repairs are only temporary, however, since you have not yet addressed the cause of the problem – the hard water. It will only be a matter of time before new repairs are blocked or damaged by mineral buildups as well. In addition, hard water can leave behind a harsh residue on your skin or hair after a shower, on your clothing after they have been washed, and even cause your drinking water to taste different.

American Well & Irrigation can help you soften and condition your water, easily and affordably!

Water Softeners Jacksonville

Benefits of Using Water Treatment Systems

Using water softener units or water treatment systems in your home has many benefits including:

  • Elimination of iron and sulfur from your drinking water
  • Removal of strange tastes and odors from your water
  • Preventing hard water stains on appliances, dishes, toilets and bath tubs
  • Water filtration can help extend the life of your clothing by providing a thorough rinse
  • Say goodbye to spots or marks left over on dishes and silverware after they leave the dishwasher

When you are ready to get rid of the minerals and organic flavors in your water and experience the pure taste of filtered water, be sure to contact us. We'll check your water for its hardness level, iron and sulfur content. Once we determine the level of harness you are experiencing, we can recommend a water conditioner that will work for you and your family.