Your Ponte Vedra Pump Repair Company

Water is vital to life. Whether you're having trouble getting water to your property or need to control where that water goes, American Well and Irrigation in Ponte Vedra can help. Our services are available to residential and commercial properties and include:

Water Well & Drilling in Ponte Vedra

Rising water rates and use restrictions have made it hard to maintain a lush lawn with municipal water alone. Water well drilling on Ponte Vedra properties can provide property owners with a secondary source of water and decrease their reliance on municipal water systems. We can even tie your new well in to your sprinkler system. Installing a well and pump will pay for itself, just ask us how!

Irrigation System Installation and Repair

As a top Ponte Vedra irrigation company and sprinkler repair service, we know the most important part of the irrigation system is making sure it's sized correctly and that all of the parts are in working order. If your irrigation system isn’t working to your satisfaction, give us a call. We can assess the problem, recommend solutions and provide you with a free estimate for the work. We repair controllers, valves and broker wires. In addition, we install and repair sprinkler systems and fix or repair broken sprinkler heads and can even perform annual maintenance on your irrigation system to make sure everything is in working order before you need it.

Water Softener Installation

Water softeners are essential for removing minerals and impurities from the water. These impurities can discolor clothing, leave residue on glasses and dishware and leave a bad taste in your mouth, literally. If you've suffered with hard water for long enough, contact our Ponte Vedra water softener company. We can install a water softener to meet your needs and eliminate the minerals, rotten egg smells to iron stains leaving you with fresh, clean water.

Pump Repairs

A broken or damaged pump will affect your ability to draw water. If you've noticed reduced flow or your pump has broken altogether, contact us. We'll quickly assess and fix the problem to get your water flowing again. We are able to perform pump repairs on pumps of all sizes, ages and makes.

Drainage Systems

Drainage systems are crucial to keeping your property free of excess water. These systems turn on automatically when needed to drain the excess water away from your structure. If you've had trouble with flooding in the past or have a sump pump that is starting to wear out, contact us for a free estimate.

Backflow Assessment

Our backflow assessment will inspect whether or not your system is operating in peak condition. A properly functioning backflow system is needed to prevent contaminated water from backing up into your pipes and home. Annual testing is required by the State of Florida to have your backflow system tested. Signs that your system needs a check-up include water backing up and/or a smell in your toilets, sinks and pipes. Call America Well today for your test to determine the safety of your system.

We offer free estimates on all our services to residents and businesses in the Ponte Vedra area. Contact us at 904-249-5400 for a complete analysis of your situation or to learn more about our services.