St. Augustine Irrigation Company and Sprinkler Repair

American Well and Irrigation helps residential and commercial customers throughout the St. Augustine area with all of their water delivery problems. Whether you need to get water to your property or your yard, have it carried away from your property or want it relocated to elsewhere on your property we have a solution that can help.

Our services include:

Water Well & Drilling

Water well drilling in St. Augustine allows property owners to access the water under their land. This decreases the amount of water they need to pull from municipal water supplies and leads to lower water bills. Property owners have found well water to be an economical way to maintain their landscape and keep their lawns green year round.

Irrigation System Installation and Repair

St. Augustine irrigation company and sprinkler repair business starts with a full assessment of your landscaping needs to ensure the system is sized appropriately for your property. If you already have a system installed, we can repair broken sprinkler heads, adjust the outflow or direction of the spray and make sure the system is working properly. We work with residential and commercial property owners to keep their landscapes properly watered. If you're putting in a pool we can revamp your irrigation system around the pool installation.

Water Conditioning Installation

Property owners who have hard water often complain about the water smelling or tasting odd, discoloring clothing and leaving a residue on dishes and glassware. This is due to the dissolved mineral content of the water. In addition to the more obvious problems, these minerals can build up over time and create deposits inside pipes, leading to reduced or blocked water flow. A water softener can alleviate these problems. Contact your St. Augustine water softener company for a full assessment of your water and a water softener recommendation. Call today for a free water test.

Pump Repairs

If you've noticed reduce water flow or no flow at all, your water pump may be damaged or broken. Our St. Augustine pump repair company can analyze the problem, develop a solution and make the needed repairs to get your water flowing again. We have experience working on pumps of all sizes and varieties.

Drainage Systems

If you are having a problem with standing water or flooding a drainage system may be your best solution. By using a sump pump you can protect your home or business from water damage and/or mosquito infestation due to standing water. For a Free Estimate call today at (904) 249-5400.

Backflow Assessment

A building's backflow system is vital to ensuring sanitary conditions. The backflow system prevents contaminated water from flowing back into your pipes due to low pressure. If you notice a smell or water backing up into your toilets, sinks or pipes, contact us. We can conduct a backflow assessment and recommend a solution. The State of Florida requires a yearly backflow test to determine the safety of your system.

Contact American Well and Irrigation for a free estimate on any of your water system needs or to learn more about our services. We serve all of St. Augustine and the surrounding area.

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