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Frequently Asked Questions about Wells and Pumps

Thank you for choosing American Well & Irrigation, Inc. for your well and pump needs.
American Well & Irrigation, Inc. is professional, dependable and honest. Our employees have been with us for over 20 years. To avoid any surprises we have put together a list of frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions please call the office at (904) 249-5400.
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    Question: How much room do I need for the drilling?

    Answer: We can get anywhere in your yard. All of our drilling equipment can be hand carted to any part of your yard.

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    Question: How long will it take to drill my well?

    Answer: In most cases your well can be drilled and finished in one day.

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    Question: Are there any savings in having my own water well?

    Answer: With ever increasing water and sewer rates having your well will pay for investment in less than a year and after it is free water forever.

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    Question: Will you move or reinstall any plants or pavers?

    Answer: Yes, we can remove any plants or pavers that are in the way of the new well. Plants and pavers that have been moved will need to be replaced by others.

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    Question: Do you do the electrical hook up to my pump?

    Answer: We are not licensed electricians. We do recommend Lin's electric at (904) 545-1346.

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    Question: How do I pay for my well and pump?

    Answer: You pay on completion of all work in full. Cash, Check or Credit Card Accepted.

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    Question: Is a permit required to drill and install a water well?

    Answer: Yes, American Well & Irrigation will handle the required permitting process