Thanks for putting "pressure" back into my life. It's a good thing! The sprinkler system works like a champ. Can't thank you enough! 6/07

Rhoda (Jacksonville Beach)

Thank you very much for sending such a first-rate technician to evaluate our irrigation pump issues. Walter is an excellent listener and was able to immediately render an opinion of the problem and explained exactly what his plan was to be. He arrived with a polite and enthusiastic attitude and once he was certain he had addressed all my concerns, he went straight to work. During that time he was at our home, he displayed competency, efficiency and approached the project in a very methodical fashion. Although my interaction with Walter was admittedly brief, he seemed to portray every quality that any company would highly value in an employee. I would characterize him as an asset with strong regard for customer service. 7/16/10

Hal - Atlantic Beach

I don't know when I have learned so much or been so pleased with a contractor. I actually look forward to learning more form the techs and Joe as the system is repaired in the future and working through Michelle. Good luck with all endeavors and thank you for mastering lawn irrigation. 3/10/12

Robert, Neptune Beach

Thank you so much for helping with the water softener problem-noticing it in all the clothes, in my hair, in the sink, & even the color of my teeth. WOW what a difference! 7/25/11

Barbara and George (Fernandina Beach)

From the first visit to administration and obtaining the permit and then to drilling the well and hooking up the equipment, your services were excellent. Steve did a first-class job in drilling the well, connecting the pump and pipe assembly and testing the sprinkler system to be sure everything was working correctly. The entire process went well and we are very happy to be on our own well and not city water. 7/19/12

Robert and Teresa (St. Johns)

After 12 years of owning our house we had landscape flooding. American Well Drilling came and installed a drainage and sump pump. For the first time we have no flooding in our front yard. More importantly, we are able to maintain our mulch instead of floating out on the sidewalks

Charles - Fleming Island