Sprinklers – Keeping Your Garden Watered

As spring time is rolling around, it is time to start thinking about a home garden again. Several states are having water shortages this year, and you might be in one of them. If that is the case, then you will have to start thinking about conservation. This process can begin with a solid sprinkler system. If you do not own one of these systems, you can inquire about them with any number of companies. Irrigation in Jacksonville is one of the staples for watering without waste. Installation of one of these systems can be pretty simple if you have the right firm helping you and you get the sprinkler for the job. Let’s go ahead and talk about a couple of the various types of Irrigation systems that are available to you:

The Bubbler or the Drip System
This is a somewhat simple process in which water is drawn from its source and moved along small pipe hidden just underground to where it needs to go. The end of the line is where these guys really make the difference. A small nozzle that drips directly on to specific plants or trees allows for long periods of watering while conserving on consumption. They allow for better saturation of any one plant and can make targeting your irrigation much easier. Unlike standard delivery systems they are rated on gallons per hour instead of per minute.

Sprayers or the Fixed System
This is a pretty standard setup that you have probably seen before. Pipes are fitted underground and the water is moved about to small spring up nozzles that deliver the necessary watering to specific zones. These zones can be laid out beforehand so you can minimize the amount of nozzles required. Each area can then be set up with a moisture monitor to detect when the appropriate amount of moisture has been achieved. Conversely, you can also have the whole setup tied to a control box that has timer functions and area controls. So you can deliver what you need to where you need it and when.

These two setups are a good way to keep your garden, lawn or plants well watered and prepared to handle the excess heat of the summer months. They will also help you in minimizing the time needed to water your plants and keep you safely in the cool of your own home as it does all the work for you.

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