3 Ways You Can Save on Costs with Soft Water

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, as quoted the Chicago Tribune, about 85 percent of water in the continental U.S. is hard water. Hard water is tap water that contains a lot of chemicals and impurities. Its high level soft calcium and magnesium make it a not so ideal choice for a lot of the water-related chores we do every day. With a water softener, though, you can switch from hard water to soft water. Why make the switch?

The composition of soft water is the exact opposite of the composition of hard water. That means soft water contains no chemicals. There are zero levels of calcium as well as magnesium so it’s more efficient to use than hard water.

Soft Water Benefits

By using soft water, you can save a lot on your household costs. Here’s how:

  • Faster showers. When you use soft water to shower, the soap actually lathers more quickly. That’s because of the absence of minerals in the soft water. Faster lather means you use less of your soap. Soon, you’ll begin to notice that your soap lasts longer than it used to. That’s a handy benefit and lets you cut costs on bath supplies that regularly take a portion out of your monthly spending.
  • Quicker cleanup. With soft water, cleanup duties in the kitchen can take shorter and use less detergent. Again, because of the nature of soft water, you can cut the amount of detergent you normally by as much as 50 percent. See the results and adjust the amount until you get the perfect ratio.
  • This is because, with the absence of minerals in soft water, the chemicals in detergents have no need to combat the effects of high levels of calcium and magnesium, both found in hard water. That’s why you can do more even with only half of the amount of detergent you normally use.
  • Lower energy bills. Since the soft water makes it easier for the soap or detergent to take effect, you now finish more quickly in the shower. And chores tend to get done quicker. That doesn’t just save you on time and effort, it also helps you save on overall energy costs.


By using soft water, you can enjoy a number of benefits and look forward to saving more than money—but your time and effort—as well in the process. So don’t let hard water get in the way of achieving a cost-efficient solution for your home. Shop around for a water softener in Jacksonville and start reaping the benefits of soft water today.

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